First-ever SaaS company to credit users for driving the product's success

Whenever someone see your supermeet scheduler, we are getting a free marketing. We firmly believe that our users are the driving force behind our growth. That's why we're introducing a User-Credited Growth program, where you get paid for using supermeet.

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This is a limited time exclusive program for early adopters who believe in supermeet in it's early stage. But the benefits are for long term. reserve your chance by enrolling today

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Supermeet billing and rewards are managed separately. You can submit your reward account details within our dashboard on the reward widget. All payments are made automatically after completing a 30-day hold-on period in order to make sure the new users have completed the first payment cycle.
If they cancel the account or subscription then you'll not get paid in the running billing cycle. If they downgrade, then the payment follows the standard 25% rule. If they upgrade, you get the commission accordingly!
The admin of the team who signs up first and invite all the members will get paid as an account owner. We don't show the reward widget to non-admin members.